Marriage Retreat

Febuary 17-18

The Thrive Marriage Retreat is a two day experience where you and your spouse can be encouraged, inspired and strengthened in your relationship. No matter if you are newly married or have been married a long time, we all need to take time to focus on this most important of relationships.

We are very excited to have as our guests Michael and Heidi O'Brien. Michael is a dynamic Christian recording artist that God is using all over the world. He and his wife will bring a powerful testimony, concert and teaching.

On Friday night couples who have children can drop off their child at 5 pm at either Tinytown or FB Kids place on the campus of First Bossier. And then couples can grab dinner and return for the Marriage Retreat event from 7-9 pm.

Friday, from 7-9, will be a fun and romantic evening with desserts in the foyer and the Ardis Coffee Shop open (open at 6).

On both Friday night and Saturday morning kids can be sure that Tinytown is a great environment for birth-5 yrs. And all in K-5th grade will experience a fun program of activities, food, and fun!

Saturday morning will be from 9-12pm. Ardis Coffee will be open at 8 am and there will be breakfast reception. Children can be taken to Tinytown or FB Kids prior to first session at 9.

You will not want to miss the three encouraging sessions Saturday morning. Romance, fun, music, giveaways and more are at the Thrive Marriage Retreat!