About Logan Jackson

When I joined the Church staff: May 2, 2016

What areas of ministry I work in: Assistant to Sean Gregory- Pastor of Recovery & The adult Singles

My Family/Spouse: 1 of 5 Jacksons: Greg, Linda, Gentry and Graycen... all have been active in the church for the last 12 years. Single.

When I was saved: I came to know Christ at a Team Impact event and committed my life to him at that moment in the third grade. I later followed that commitment in Baptism in the seventh grade.

Education: Education: Graduate of Airline High School- 2yrs at BPCC- currently attempting to further my education at LSUS for a degree in Secondary Education.

Previous Lines of Work: Child Care worker and Nanny

Favorite Food: Mexican

Snack Food: Peanut M&M's

Favorite Place in the World: Destin/ Ft. Walton Beach Florida. I have family and spend most of my summer vacations there.. I love the beach and getting to see my grandparents & Uncle Russ.

Favorite Hobbies: Hobbies: Crafting, Netflix, and Online shopping

Favorite Sports Team: LSU Football, Saints Football, Atlanta Braves Baseball, and St. Louis Cardinals Baseball.

Favorite Bible Story: The Prodigal Son- Luke 15:8-24 I Love that this story parallels God's unconditional love for us- even when we wander away and make poor choices God still cares for us and wants a relationship with us.

Favorite Life Verse: Psalms 147:3 For when I get down and struggle with the ways of this world I find comfort in this verse knowing that in him I can be made whole. This verse always brings me peace and comfort.

One of My Greatest Experiences with God: At one point in High School, I spent a good deal of my time being sad and distant from God. I hated it, but wasn't taking the steps to get out of it and was just really wanting him but not feeling worthy of his love. All of a sudden, on a dry summer night I found myself standing alone in the driveway. I began to open myself up and pray for rivers in the desert when out of nowhere a rush of cold wind surrounded me. It was the most calming, comforting, and peaceful moment. I knew in that moment that God was there and the pain I felt then was temporary. To this day when I become overwhelmed or down in the dumps I think of the wind hurling around me, and remember that it'll all be okay.

Most people don't know this about me:  I was born in Keflavik, Iceland on the military base.

The one book (besides the Bible) I'd recommend to anyone is:Since Nobody's Perfect... How Good is Good Enough? by Andy Stanley